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Will They Even Understand What the Scientists Say?

The Casey Anthony defense team traveled to¬† Knoxville this week to depose key scientific expert witnesses who intend to use new scientific evidence in the case. Witnesses are affiliated with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn. The testimony of these experts covers¬† air samples taken from the trunk of Anthony’s vehicle and it’s trunk. The scientists found particles indicating a decomposed body spent time there. Those scheduled to be deposed Tuesday include Michael N. Burnett, Madhavi A. Martin and Mark Wise, according to court documents.

A fourth scientist scheduled to be deposed today is Arpad Alexander Vass. They all hold doctorate degrees and are affiliated with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, according to the documents. The defense has argued that this science is largely untested. They’re expected to continue challenging the use of this air-particle analysis in court, where it has never been used before. From what I see, the fact that it hasn’t been used before, is foolish since all scientific evidence at one point was unproven in any court at the time. I believe that Judge Perry will admit this evidence and lead the process of having it included in testimony and worthy of admittance into court proceedings. As thorough as Judge Perry is, you can bet he has been reading and studying up on it voraciously so that he is prepared.


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