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Little Girl Lost

Hariton Platonov. The Little Baby-Sitter (1880)
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There is nothing more devastating than a little lost child. Haleigh Cummings has been missing now for more than a year. Misty Croslin, the teenage baby-sitter who last saw Haleigh, is in jail on a drug related case. Her brother,  her friend, her ex husband (Haleigh’s father) and her cousin, are all in jail with her and were charged in the same drug sting that saw them all hauled into jail. Slowly they are all coming to the time of sentencing. One by one they are pleading no contest and then the judge will sentence them at a later date. So far Ron’s (the father of Haleigh) cousin got 15 years, Tommy Croslin, Misty’s brother got 15 years after pleading no contest, and next are Misty and Ron who both plead no contest and they will be sentenced soon. Ron’s lawyer has also said that Ron will testify against the others at the appropriate time to lower his sentence. I will be posting more articles on this case since it is such a mess (like the Anthony case) and we’ll be following them closely.

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