Y’all Come on in…

The new lawyers seem to thrive in the spotlight.  One has a book out and another was the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary.  Now, joining lead attorneys Jose Baez and Cheney Mason are Ann Finnell, a Jacksonville attorney and expert on the death penalty, Dorothy Clay Sims, an Ocala attorney who specializes in cross-examining medical experts, and Charles Greene, an Orlando attorney who will handle Casey’s civil case.  The defense is replacing lawyers it lost and says it had a tough time doing that. One of the new attorneys appears to be involved in helping the defense fight crucial evidence found in Casey’s car trunk.  Casey Anthony’s defense team held a news conference Tuesday to talk about its new lawyers. Sims was there and told WFTV about her expertise in cross-examining medical doctors and other expert witnesses.”I go around the country and cross-examine that expert to determine whether the science is legitimate or whether it’s junk science,” she said.Sims admits to not having extensive criminal experience, but it appears she’s helping the defense try to get air tests from Casey’s trunk, showing chemicals of human decomposition, thrown out. The tests have never been used in a criminal case before and the defense  will be questioning the experts who did those tests.”The revolving door of changing personnel does not change the facts in this case,” WFTV legal expert Bill Sheaffer said. “The facts are the circumstantial evidence that form the chain to establish guilt.

“Finnell, who will work on death penalty issues, was not there Tuesday. Her claim to fame is winning an acquittal for a 15-year-old boy accused in a tourist murder 10 years ago. It was the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary. With her, the defense team is now up to five.”Is this an indication that you’re worried?” WFTV reporter Kathi Belich asked attorney Cheney Mason.  “It might be to you, but it’s not to us. It’s an indication of total confidence. We’re up against the State Attorney’s Office that has changed its mind about the death penalty, not the death penalty, unlimited resources, a law firm of 150 people,” Mason said.    Orlando attorney Charles Green will be representing Casey against a defamation lawsuit filed by Zenaida Gonzalez, whose name is the same as the alleged nanny Casey said disappeared with Caylee, a woman investigators say does not exist.  “They all believe in the cause, our cause for justice, to try to get justice for Caylee, for Casey,” Baez said.Sheaffer says that could be, or there could be another reason.  “For notoriety, for financial gain,” Sheaffer said.    But they could suffer financial drain instead. Former defense team lawyer Andrea Lyon, who, despite having new book out, asked taxpayers to pay for her flights from Chicago because she could no longer afford to.”A case like this could be so polarizing that you, as a lawyer, are associated with your client and the act of your client,” Sheaffer said. If Casey is convicted and, especially if she’s sentenced to death for murdering her daughter Caylee, these lawyers could face humiliating finger-pointing from Casey’s appellate attorneys.  “You will be attacked. You will be caused to defend your actions,” Sheaffer said.  Four other attorneys have already come through and left either Casey or her parents.  In November 2008, Mark NeJame stopped representing Casey’s parents, partly because they wouldn’t follow his counsel during the search for Caylee.  In April, Todd Macaluso was disbarred and withdrew from Casey’s defense.  Three months later, lack of finances cost Casey her death penalty specialist, Andrea Lyon.  Last month, Brad Conway quit Casey’s parents over claims that Casey’s lawyers made false statements about him.

Now comes the time when we wait and watch.  We wait for new jumping back & jumping forth by the defense looking for a smidgen of reason of doubt. They can’t find it of course.  It never existed. So they will be left with creating it and that is the hard part. Created reason of doubt just screams out, “look at me! I am reasonable doubt that was created by the defense and their gaggle of Limelight seeking lawyer.

  1. #1 by Venice on September 22, 2010 - 5:28 pm

    Very nicely said! That is so true when you state the defense is screaming reasonable doubt. It’s so obvious, it’s funny. What next Jose? Hurry up….we are waiting.

  2. #2 by knight owl on September 22, 2010 - 10:02 pm

    Great summation, The defense dream-scream team, i say bring it on, oh yea, forgot you have nothing. oop’s that could be a problem for you guys. hahahahahahahahahaha. Finnell just looks like she should be home in a full body apron baking something, . hehehe~~

  3. #3 by Kathie on September 24, 2010 - 8:03 am

    I still can’t believe the one who is not trained in anything, (Dorothy Sims ) just from questioning experts. You or I could be doing it instead of sitting here typing. We three com-enters could be a gaggle of expert chasers and make the big bucks. 😉

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