Another New Person Onboard the Casey Anthony Bus

Hold on to your seat belt, the bus is flying around the corner to picked up yet another lawyer type person to somehow fill the empty seat left by Andrea Lyon after she took the high road back to Chi-Town. Her name is Dorothy Sims and she operates out of Ocala, Florida. Dorothy’s specialty is to cross examine medical experts like the famous Dr. G who will undoubtedly be called to testify at Casey Anthony’s trial next May. They are hoping that her cross examination of the State’s experts, will show them as manufacturing facts. Personally, I believe that she will add nothing to the case and may in fact be shown as foolishly trying to create doubt where there is none.

I suggest that she will have a very limited role and will have virtually no meaningful input. Just another lawyer who is stepping into what they perceive to be the limelight so that they might be able to write a book or make some income with interviews, etc. Richard Hornsby has weighed in on the situation below in a video.

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